Monday, August 01, 2011

Our baby is growing so FAST!!

Wesley is now 8 1/2 months; time has been flying by for us. I have not posted in forever and thought I should update. Dave is almost done with his first year of dental school. It keeps him very busy but he has made many GREAT new friends. We love getting together with the families. The dental wives try to get together at least once a month for playdates which has been a lot of fun for me and the boys. I have met many wonderful ladies!! I am able to stay home with the boys for now and am enjoying every minute of it!! Luke is 2 1/2 now and is completely potty trained. His vocabulary is growing daily and surprising me with all the new words. He loves doing puzzles and can completely put together his 24 piece puzzles all by himself. He loves playing outside and being with other kids. Wesley is getting so big so fast, it is hard to believe he is almost 9 months already!! He is crawling, standing up (so long as he is holding on to something), and loves to walk if you hold his hands. Dada was his first word at 6 months but he now says Mom, mom, or momma all day long. I can't complain because it melts my heart in the morning when I hear him calling for me. He is a happy little boy, always smiling for everyone. He is a little lover and loves to gives hugs. He loves to babble all day long and can be very loud, especially at church. Wesley is big enough now that Luke can play with him. Luke is always making Wes laugh. It is to funny to watch Luke try to pick up Wes, there is only a 7 lbs difference between the two. Luke will say, "Wes too heavy." We are doing well and have been very blessed.

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