Monday, November 05, 2007

Late Night Flipper

I made this little guy late sunday night because it was due Monday. It is called a "Flipper" because it is a type of temporary partial that you just slap on when you want it on or take it off when you dont want it. This is the first time I have ever made one, but it turned out fine. I was very surprised and happy with the little tooth I made also.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Meg and I wanted to go camping, so we got together with some friends that we met years ago in the singles ward who are now married. Their names are Sarah and Nate Ringer. We left a little late and attempted to be as prepared as we could but we fell short on a couple of things. Mostly the things we left were the ones that dealt with eating. Oops!! We had to compromise some , but we made it work and really enjoyed the time outdoors with our friends.

Megan's brother Todd let us use his tent

Sarah and Nate's tent

The fire.. notice that we made a custom charcoal area to cook our dinner because the little propane grill we took did not work. We used the rack to cover the coals and the top to conserve heat.

A closer view

The camp site

Marshmallow roasting

It seems that it is not out of character to manage to get some type of food on my face when taking pictures after eating things like marshmallows and cupcakes.......

After the marshmallow apetizer and an hour long cook time the tin foil dinners were ready

The next morning.... the tired looks, messy hair, and every person huddled around the fire aspect gives it away....

Once again we had to make a make shift cooking area with what wood we had remaining. It turned out really well... and we even enjoyed the mountain pepper in our food.

Someone forggot the plates.... but we had tinfoil and paper towels so Nate who is currently in a sculpting class made some designer plates for us......

We did a little off roading on the way home.... here it is!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sweat or Pee?

Sweat or Pee?
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My idea of GOOD Parenting

Baby Tape
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I love Gilette

Gilette Cat
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Yumm Yumm

Bikini Thanksgiving
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Halloween is for PIRATES!! AARGHH!!

Ahoye Land Lovers!!! Trunk or Treat was visited this years by some darn good looking pirates who traded their boat for an Nissan Xterra loaded with green cob webs and a black light with some sweet skulls and other scary items. Those who visited us discovered the goodness of candy and hot chocolate spiked with Andes mints. Ohhhh the evil of it all, getting young and old folk hopped up on Andes mints.. we are so sneaky!!! They scarry music that we played gave it a good effect also. I have some new friends as you will see who's heads are quite small and prune like...... Grrrrrrrr!!!!! We carved a cat devil pumpkin that had flashing red eyes also.