Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bed Rest!

NO BABY YET!! So almost two weeks ago my doctor pulled the plug on me being able to work, he placed me on bed rest due to early labor, contractions, and edema in my legs and feet! He put me on Tributaline a medication to stop my contractions, he wants me to wait until I am at least 37 weeks before having this baby,which I understand, we want his lungs to be fully developed. I go back to see my doctor on Monday, so I am hoping he will let me stop taking the medication this week since it will be my 37th week and maybe I will go into labor. I have another ultrasound on Monday also, so hopefully everything will be good. I am getting really bored being home all the time, I would rather spend it home with a new baby than by myself. I have taken a few strolls out because tv just gets to boring!!