Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bed Rest!

NO BABY YET!! So almost two weeks ago my doctor pulled the plug on me being able to work, he placed me on bed rest due to early labor, contractions, and edema in my legs and feet! He put me on Tributaline a medication to stop my contractions, he wants me to wait until I am at least 37 weeks before having this baby,which I understand, we want his lungs to be fully developed. I go back to see my doctor on Monday, so I am hoping he will let me stop taking the medication this week since it will be my 37th week and maybe I will go into labor. I have another ultrasound on Monday also, so hopefully everything will be good. I am getting really bored being home all the time, I would rather spend it home with a new baby than by myself. I have taken a few strolls out because tv just gets to boring!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Almost There!!!!!

A quick pic of the wifeeeee!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Possible New Due Date!!

I went to see my OB on Monday for a new ultrasound, because at my last visit I was measuring over 2 1/2 weeks bigger. The ultrasound went well, our little boy is already over 4 lbs and measuring bigger. The ultrasound was giving measurements that are 3 weeks earlier than my original due date, so now we may be having a Christmas baby. The new date is December 23, 2008. I was very excited, especially now with all the lower back pain, 3 weeks earlier would be a blessing so long as the baby is healthy and ready to come out. I do not have gestational diabetes, pre-clampsia, or toxemia (thank heavens) which can cause the baby or myself to be measuring larger, so I am hoping this baby will be born this year!! I will post the recent ultrasound pics once I scan them into the computer.

On Wednesday the two offices I work for had a combined baby shower for me (and Dave). I work upstairs with Dr. Blasco's office mon-thurs doing hygiene, and one Friday a month downstairs at Dr. Truman's doing ortho assist, Dave also works for Dr. Truman. They did an amazing job. The food was delicious, the company was great, and we can not thank them enough for the wonderful gifts they gave us. We were so excited looking at the gifts at home, I already put together my travel system and started washing the cute clothes. Thank you all for your kindness and love!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Look!!

I finally have sat down to learn how to design this blog. The look is so much better! I know I do not post enough, but once the baby is here there will be more. I go for anther ultrasound on November 3rd so I will post more pictures. Also I will be having a baby shower on November 8th, so if I do not have your address, please email me with it!! Thanks for looking!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures of our Baby Boy!!

Last Thursday the 14th of August we went to the doctors office for my BIG ultrasound, the one where we get to find out the sex and check out all the parts of the baby. Everything looked great. Heart beat was 154 bpm, four chamber heart, spine looked good, both our tummies were full of fluids, the ultrasound tech said it was a textbook case. Hooray!! The first picture to pop up on the screen when the ultrasound tech put the wand on my stomach was his BOY part!! You can imagine how excited we were!! Dave started texting right away to everyone! I don't think he saw much of the other photo shots until they were printed after the appointment.
The first photo, it's a boy!!
Another shot of his manhood! The next pictures are my favorite, I love baby hands and feet!! He had his hands in front of his face. I love looking at his little toes!! I can not wait to see him!!

I am finally over my morning sickness (NIGHT SICKNESS!!) and have been feeling much better. I am showing now, which makes me feel better, for a while there you just feel like you look fat. This week will put us at 20 weeks, so I guess you can say I am half way there! We are so excited and blessed, I can not thank my heavenly father enough for this opportunity. Dave has been so amazing, he is so loving, he is always rubbing my belly and it puts the biggest smile on my face!! I love him so much and know he will be an amazing father!! He is my best friend and eternal companion.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Romuel's Wedding

A close friend of ours just got married (with a little convincing). Romuel and I have been co-workers and friends for close to three years now. We go to jazz clubs, workout, play basketball, bowl, etc. This was a great day for Romuel and Kristin! They have been together for twelve years.
Us and some of the other lovely ladies from work

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A quick joke

Two men went hunting.
Joe had been hunting all his life, but Steve was hunting for the first time.
Joe told Steve to sit down and not make a sound. So he did.
But when Joe got 100 yards away, he heard a scream.
Returning, Joe said "I thought I told you to be quiet!".
Steve replied "Well, I was when the snake bit me".....
"And I was when the bear attacked me....
But when the two chipmunks crawled up my pant leg and said, 'Should we eat them or take them with us,' I screamed."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Its a small world

I took a trip up to the mountains last weekend so I could recoup from city life and get my fill of nature. I enjoyed the cool breeze, the crisp mountain air, and the vibrant foliage. Naturally, I felt like I wanted to take some of this home with me, so I decided to take some snapshots of things that caught my eye. As I went along the path I was intrigued by the color of a certain tree's leaves with red stems. I climbed up a branch or two and got in position to take a picture when suddenly a large fly landed on the leaf in focus, with a peculiar little man riding it. I quickly took a picture, so I could prove that what I saw was real, and then tried to catch the large fly and small man riding it. The thought soon entered into my mind "I could make my fortune!". I could sell them to the circus!!! It took a couple minutes, but I finally succeeded in catching the little buggers. My plan would have worked, but the little man was more stink-bug than human. As soon as I had him in my grasp his defense mechanism kicked in, which was to flatulate unceasingly. After several whifs of this pungeant smell I was abliged to release him back to his native habitat and to his fly escort........ Here is proof of the incident!!!

As I continued to ponder what I saw, I couldn't help but question "Was I at a high enough of an altitude to give me altitude sickness and hallucinations..?" "Or could it have been the funny little berries I found and ate as I was on the trail?" Finally the answer popped into my head.. This was no hallucination nor dream!! This was real!!! Gal-darn it how could I be so forgetful!!! I just proved the legend of the TOOT-FAIRY!!!! The toot fairy rides his fly into your bedroom at night and releases an unmistakable odor in your bedroom. Sometimes he is so sneaky, he can even get under your bed sheets, so he can prolong his magic, and when your wife least expects she turns over in the bed and the great trapped odor is rushes into your her face, which results in immediate smack that knocks you out of your deep sleep. Yes, he has no remorse!! His main target is the elderly... at any moment, during any occasion, he is able to exert his power on them!!! He attacks them so often that they dont even realize what they have done!!! I and many other grandchildren can attest to this!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mex vs BC

These are the best!!(You have to wait for them to load)(pause the music player also)

I'm watching you

Mr Poppinz

I love this video for some reason

Friday, May 30, 2008



......"THE PEANUT".........


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Want some Melon?

I made Camille a melon Night Guard......looks tasty!!
The Night Guard appliance keep you from clenching and grinding at night.
Perhaps camille should lay off the scary movies......

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Don't worry.... my plumbing is working just fine!!!

We had an episode where our toilet backed up and threatened to flood if we used it. Here are some toilet edicut guidelines to help you prevent an unwanted clog:

We figured we would be sly about the whole problem. I would pee off of our second story patio since I have the luxury of being able to aim, and Megan would pee into a cup and dump it down the kitchen sink (since all girls pee smells like raspberries anyway). Everything went well. I feel that it is very liberating to pee in the open!! Pigeons make excellent targets!! However, the down side is that Megan gets in a hurry and forgets to dump her cup into the sink. This has been very confuzing for me.

I drink apple juice every morning, and the consistency of the juice in my cup and hers' seems to be the exact same, so if I set my cup down I am not sure what I am picking up. Which one do I choose!! My nose is bad when it comes down to smelling from the many traumas it has faced. Finally, I got tired of this so I went to the store and picked some little urine detector sticks. I simply dip the stick into the cup and it indicates if it is juice or not. I personally think they are defective. Every time I dip them in Megans cup they do the following:













I dont know what this means...., but I did have a very strange dream where a tadpole turned into a frog and spoke to me:

He left a warning, that a strange and mysterious stork was going to visit me and leave me something that was going to deprive me of much sleep:

Luckily it was all a dream!!!!!.............. and this was all part of a fabricated story...... but the devil stick is factual and remains!!!! Hint Hint

If you read this you are probably one of the first ones to find out........................

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Young Chris

Dont get trunky boy!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Megan got home and thought that I forgot about Valentine's day..... till she went to take a shower and I started on the arrangement.... much to her surprise.......

Gotta love the sparkling cider.....
I actually clipped and arranged these roses and found this awesome heart shaped vase.... so sensitive!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008










Saturday, January 12, 2008