Monday, April 20, 2009

Luk's first Easter

I made Luke his first Easter basket but the treats were more for mom and dad. His shorts and flip flops are too cute. He has just started to giggle and is starting to roll over from his back to his side. He is sucking on everything his hands, blankets, toys, and drooling like crazy.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Luke is 3 months old! Time is flying!

We just went to Luke's 3 month well visit with Dr. Conti. Luke weighs 13 lbs 8 oz and is 24 inches long. He is so cute, he is now smiling all the time. He giggles and coo's. He is just too much fun. I hate leaving him for work, but I cherish every moment that I have with him. He is now able to sit up in his bumbo. He still has all of his hair, no bald spot yet. He is constantly moving his head back and forth and rubbing, but his hair has stayed. It is now to long to stay up in a foe hawk, he is going to need his first haircut real soon.

Luke was holding his dad's ears, it was so funny, but every time I took a picture he would move his hands.

Luke on St. Patrick's Day, he had to wear some green!!

Had to take more pics in the bumbo, his faces are too funny! Check out his cowboy boot socks, a friend from church gave them to him at one of his baby showers, we LOVE them, they match all of his outfits!!