Monday, August 18, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures of our Baby Boy!!

Last Thursday the 14th of August we went to the doctors office for my BIG ultrasound, the one where we get to find out the sex and check out all the parts of the baby. Everything looked great. Heart beat was 154 bpm, four chamber heart, spine looked good, both our tummies were full of fluids, the ultrasound tech said it was a textbook case. Hooray!! The first picture to pop up on the screen when the ultrasound tech put the wand on my stomach was his BOY part!! You can imagine how excited we were!! Dave started texting right away to everyone! I don't think he saw much of the other photo shots until they were printed after the appointment.
The first photo, it's a boy!!
Another shot of his manhood! The next pictures are my favorite, I love baby hands and feet!! He had his hands in front of his face. I love looking at his little toes!! I can not wait to see him!!

I am finally over my morning sickness (NIGHT SICKNESS!!) and have been feeling much better. I am showing now, which makes me feel better, for a while there you just feel like you look fat. This week will put us at 20 weeks, so I guess you can say I am half way there! We are so excited and blessed, I can not thank my heavenly father enough for this opportunity. Dave has been so amazing, he is so loving, he is always rubbing my belly and it puts the biggest smile on my face!! I love him so much and know he will be an amazing father!! He is my best friend and eternal companion.