Tuesday, November 03, 2009

H a L L o W e e N 2009

Luke turned 10 months on Halloween! I was going to dress him as Handy Manny, but Dave and some friends thought Luke would look really cute as a Garden Gnome. So here he is, our little garden gnome! My mom made his costume. He was really good with wearing the hat and beard all night at our Trunk or Treat! He was so interested in all the people that he forgot all about his hat! We had a great night, hot dogs, cotton candy, and more candy!!

I let Luke have half a piece of an orange tootsie roll, he got so hyper! He was giggling and walking and crawling everywhere. He did not go to bed that night until 11 pm. No more candy until he is a lot older!! lol!

For work on Thursday Oct. 29, we had to dress up for Halloween. All the costumes had to be biker themed, so here we are! We decided to wear them to the Trunk or Teat on Halloween! No one recognized Dave until they heard his voice. He grew his goatee out for 4 weeks. The next morning he shaved it all off.

Daddy and Luke

Mommy and Luke

The family!