Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little Summer Fun

We took a little overnight trip to California and while we were there we wanted to visit the ocean. The weather was beautiful and the temperature was perfect. Luke loved the water even though it was freezing. I wish I could live on the beach. I would love to be able to go walking or jogging every morning on the beach. I just wish it wasn't so expensive to live in Cali.
This is what happens when you go to take a shower and leave dad in charge of watching the baby. We were at the hotel, Dave saw Luke with the bag of cheetos and realized he like the sound of the crinkle, he did not think it would go any further than Luke playing with the top of the bag.

After a few minutes, Dave looked back to see what Luke was doing and this is what he found! Luke was having a hay day and had crumbs all over his face and the bed, but what was worse was that the cheetos are the new ones with jalopeno, WHOOPS! He still loved them, no crying!

I felt so bad for the maid who had to find this lovely mess on the bed!

Family portrait

Luke loves bath time and for me it is easier to do it in the Kitchen sink, he just fits so well and it does not kill my back.

I have not posted Luke's 5 month photo because the poor guy has really bad eczema and he has very dry skin all over his body, so I was trying to wait until his skin looks a little better.