Friday, December 01, 2006

We are soo crazy man!!

This is how I got through a 20 page term paper in one day!!

Megan has one due next week also!!! She looks so Happy!! hahahaha

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sorry it took soo long to update the blog.. But here it is!!!

Why does my chin hair grow slower than Matthew's, and with a red tint to it??? Am I the red-headed step child everyone talks about???
I have some new sexy pictures for you!!! Call me Gustavio!!!
There is nothing like a sleek mullet running down the back of your neck!! Grrrrr

Or how about the Vato loco forever homes!! I can pass as an ESE too!! Or maybe a Lunch Lady?

Ahhhh!!! I know how to fix that!! Now you know I am a Vato Loco cuz you can see up my nostrils with my hands in my pits to deter a much wanted picking!!

Megan's 27th Birthday

Who made that Cut???!!! I wont say any names....hmmmhmmm... Camille...

Neal helped by making Tortillas!!

Don & Reid made the much awaited shredded BBQ beef briscuit (spelling???)!!!!

Till next time my puppets!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Check These Babies Out!!!

I Finished Making My First Set of RetainersThey Look Like Little Crabs
How They Look On The Models

They Are Ready To Be Sent

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Old Grindstone!!

A peak at Dave's daily routine!
The library

A view from our traditional study room
Me at work (or about to sleep)
My study buddy (Robbie Lueck)
Some Fall campus pictures

Sunday, November 05, 2006

It a Beautiful Day!!!!

This is what we grew this year!!
(If you click on the pictures they will enlarge)
A Close Up of the Fat Carrot
Our Raddishes
Our Acorn Mini Squash
Our Harvest of the year
The Wheatgrass is ready!!!
Crankin the ol' beast!
Wheatgrass "POOP"
Sweet Nectar of Life!!!!
Mmmmm Mmmm Pumpkin Pancakes!!!
Oh yeah, look at them flapjacks!
And the final touches......
And a quick tip for smokers

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Hey People!!!!!
This is the result of a new idea given to us by a close friend. It is a way of keeping up to date with all of our activities, since most of us have some crazy schedules on our hands at the time. We hope you enjoy it, and we hope that you all will create a blog of your family so that we can see what is happening with you. It is all as easy as clicking a button to add and create this blog so no worries for the semi-computer illiterate people. This, I believe will also give Chris a chance to see us and what is going on while in the mission by simply pulling up your blog site. This should be awesome!!! Have fun.

Check out our recent Pizza making project!!

This was Meggie's first encounter as a Pizza girl.

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm PIZZA!!!!

Oh Yeah, I almost forgot to show my Braces!!!!!

Its O.k., I still am a very sexy beast and a wild stallion!! Hahaha

Halloween 2006 (Friend's Party)

The dudes

Im a nerd with bottle cap glasses and a comb-over!!

The females

Meggie is an Old Lady in her Moo-moo!!

Megan is a Halloween Twister Champion and made it to the semi-finals!!!



We'll just say that winning wasn't meant to be.

Her opponent came at her with the nearly fatal butt to the face move and eliminated her..... but not before we got a great shot of it! hahahaha

Jolley Orthodontic Lab 2006

Check me out in the lab coat!!

I am cutting out the tooth

The Nance Appliance


We discovered that we could fill our Sweet and Salty movie cravings all at once with a mix of Jolleytime "Mallow" popcorn & Kettlecorn. We pop them and combine both flavors together. It is the best popcorn creation we have ever tasted!!! We recommend it to all!!!


This is the cutest devil cat you will ever encounter. One moment it is purring and rubbing against you, and the next she is using you as a scratching and biting post. She plays exactly as "Little Tom" used to play. You want to kill her, but then she makes you laugh. She is safe for now until her next stunt!


This is the another addition to our small family. He joined us last fall during Megan's first semester in hygiene school. He now resides in our room where he serves as a protector and reminder to all those who would want to fool with our belongings. "I pity the Foo!"

Dave's Wheatgrass Growing

This is what I am currently growing. This is two trays of half way grown wheatgrass that I will juice when in about two more days. I like it and have nearly perfected my technique!