Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sorry it took soo long to update the blog.. But here it is!!!

Why does my chin hair grow slower than Matthew's, and with a red tint to it??? Am I the red-headed step child everyone talks about???
I have some new sexy pictures for you!!! Call me Gustavio!!!
There is nothing like a sleek mullet running down the back of your neck!! Grrrrr

Or how about the Vato loco forever homes!! I can pass as an ESE too!! Or maybe a Lunch Lady?

Ahhhh!!! I know how to fix that!! Now you know I am a Vato Loco cuz you can see up my nostrils with my hands in my pits to deter a much wanted picking!!

Megan's 27th Birthday

Who made that Cut???!!! I wont say any names....hmmmhmmm... Camille...

Neal helped by making Tortillas!!

Don & Reid made the much awaited shredded BBQ beef briscuit (spelling???)!!!!

Till next time my puppets!!!

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