Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Luke is 4 months!

Luke is now four months and so dang cute!! He is now rolling completely over both ways and even does double rolls. He loves to sit up and stand up. He is giggling all the time and such a sweet baby. He loves to snuggle and give open mouth kisses. He loves all of his cousins and loves their attention. He no longer looks like a baby he looks like a little boy. We love our little man so much, I just can not get enough of him.

Luke's hair is really long and will not stay down or do anything but stand up, so today he had his first haircut by his aunt Ana (my sister). He did so good, he was talking the entire time and smiling. We took before, during, and after pictures.


Luke has his foe hawk again. Doesn't he look so handsome?


Eliza said...

Sooo cute! It looks like he sat still really well. What a great little smile.

melanie said...


Shawna said...

Those cheeks are to die for!